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With the huge success of their business, Freedom Fitness owners Brett and Allyson Wilson begin the process of moving to a new location. Taking a risk, the owners opened their business during the pandemic and quickly became a hit amongst students and adults alike. Brett and Allyson quickly realized that with their business being so successful,  their current location did not offer as many additional benefits as they would like for their patrons. Their members were happy, but they wanted them to have more flexibility and opportunity for workouts. The couple started searching for a bigger building to purchase and renovate. Now the search is over and the renovation process has begun for the Wilsons. 

The couple has not yet released a set date for the new opening of their gym. However, they said that they would like to open the new gym by the summer of 2022. The new building would allow for more equipment, personal trainers, and classes for their clients. The new area will also include a turf area for a wider array of workouts.  This gym will contain multiple different types of weighted workouts, ranging from dumbbells and weights from 5lbs all the way to over 100lbs. This will be very welcoming to people of all physical fitness levels. Even if you decide not to use weights, you can still do cardio workouts through their new turf space. The turf area the couple is making will give the Gym a very unique workout space for the area.

They will be moving their business to 1335, US-69. Freedom Fitness will be bigger, and better than ever. Their location is just on the outskirts of town, and in a great position for marketing. Many of whom are members are excited about the new place and are ready to see what new workouts await them. Freedom fitness will have a major lead in the gym industry for the county and exercises that most gyms around here are unable to give and offer. Though the plans are set and in motion, we can only wait patiently and keep lifting at the current Freedom Fitness spot until the final touches are done and welcome us in.

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