Follow These 5 Tips to Nail Intermittent Fasting

One of the most popular ways of shedding kilos is intermittent fasting. This fasting process cycles between intervals of fasting and eating, in this eating pattern – one has to fast for 8 hours or 16 hours, or even 24 hours. One should pick an intermittent fasting schedule, depending on their endurance level. But one should not straightaway throw themselves to new health practice, hence, intermittent fasting at a slow pace with an easy-to-follow routine. Gradually adapting the process in due course of time is a correct approach towards this fasting.

1. Exercises

If one is looking for better results, then they should pair intermittent fasting with lifestyle habits, to begin with – one should exercise daily. Exercising during fasting can expedite one’s weight loss. However, the nature of exercise one can do in intermittent fasting differs from what can be done on other days. Instead of doing intense workouts, one can take brisk walks, slow jogging to burn calories.

2. Planning is important

If one is planning to jump on an intermittent fasting schedule, it is better if it is properly planned. The plan should clearly have the window for eating and another for fasting, and one should judiciously stick to the routine, no matter what.

3. Keep the body hydrated

Drinking water keeps the body hydrated and even when one is on intermittent fasting, one should not skip consuming water. Water is your best friend when one is following the intermittent fasting schedule. Not only drinking water keeps the body hydrated but also keeps one fuller and the urge to eat is also reduced.

4. Black Coffee

Black Coffee does wonders, especially, when consumed during intermittent fasting. A cup of black coffee in the morning will suppress the appetite and what can be better during weight loss than something that diverts one’s mind from binge eating.

5. Keep a track

While following an intermittent fasting routine, it is equally important to keep a note of the progress. This way the individual is informed about the progress of the fasting and it will also act as a reference to check if the progress is steady or not.

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