Fitness Influencer Brittany Dawn Davis Being Sued By Texas For Misleading Followers With Eating Disorders

Brittany Dawn Davis turned to religious content in 2019 but is still facing trouble in the fitness industry.

Brittany Dawn Davis is being sued by the state of Texas after a former fitness plan claims that it misled followers and clients with eating disorders. Dawn Davis built a large following on social media as an influencer and used this platform to offer different services. Now, it is being claimed that she violated consumer protection laws.

In 2014, Davis was selling packages that ranged anywhere up to $300 promising certain things with the plan. The lawsuit was filed at the Dallas County Court on Feb. 1 and the Dallas Morning News obtained the documents. In these docs, it says that the plans were not individualized and Davis “failed to provide the promised coaching and check-ins.”

“At least 14 consumers who sought refunds from Defendants mentioned eating disorders n their complaints. One consumer on her initial survey states “I truly need guidance, help, the right information and support right now. I currently have an eating disorder, horrible body image views . . . I am underweight for my height.””

“Defendants proceeded to provide cardio exercises and low-calorie macronutrient suggestions that would only be suitable for someone who needed to lsoe weight, not put it on.”

Brittany Dawn Davis built a following of 465k on Instagram. In 2019, she was accused of fraud after some thought she was engaging in unlawful and immoral business practices. This is not the first time that Davis has been in some legal trouble and this seems to be a bit more serious.

Davis has since transitioned to religious-based content. This was explained in a YouTube video where she apologized for any wrongdoings. She now leads She Lives Freed, a religious conference. Clients can join and have to pay a fee of $125 to join. The attorney general’s office is seeking $1 million in penalties and court fees.

The lawsuit continued by explaining the role of Brittany Dawn Davis and how she failed to uphold her end.

“She was described as ‘your coach, your confidant, your biggest supporter & friend,’ there to ‘push you, mold you, and to help you find that person that you’ve always wanted to become.’”

It was later revealed that Davis violated the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices-Consumer Protection Act. She has made it clear that she will continue to believe in her religious views as she deals with the lawsuit. The state of Texas has laid out what it is looking for moving forward.

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