Start of the project for the redevelopment and strengthening of the Antignano campino and the relocation of the fitness area of ​​the Terrazza Mascagni in the Bellavista area

Friday 11 February 2022 – 12:04

Lhe has allocated to the municipal council 200 thousand euros for the redevelopment and enhancement of city ​​fitness areas.
The interventions envisaged in the approved project concern the complete redevelopment of the fitness area on the avenue Antignano and the creation of a new area at the beginning of Viale Italia, in largo Bellavista (Bellana area) to replace the current fitness area at Mascagni Terrace.
Resources are also provided for the construction / redevelopment, in the public green areas, of two inclusive play areas for children, and installation from 6 ping-pong tables (table tennis) in the main city parks.
The purpose of these interventions, in addition to redeveloping obsolete areas and equipment, is to offer the possibility of exercising outdoor sports and games at a wider audienceboth in terms of number and age groups, meeting the needs of citizens, partly changed also following the pandemic.
The restrictions imposed in the last two years and the persistence of the closure of many activities related to well-being and physical training, have in fact determined an exponential increase in the use of public fitness areas. And the equipment, often already obsolete, did not withstand the great workload that quickly concentrated on them.
There are six main fitness facilities in Livorno. The most used, and sometimes crowded, are those located along the promenade, the Terrazza Mascagni and on the avenue of Antignano.

Antignano fitness area – The campino on the avenue of Antignano, in the area of ​​the gardens between the Scoglio delle Ballerina and the beach of Calalonga, was equipped by the Municipality for physical activity over a decade ago, attracting an ever-increasing number of users (a thousand a day), thanks also to the good availability in the vicinity of parking for cars, motorcycles and bicycles. However, the current fitness stations are in poor condition due to bad weather and proximity to the sea. The intense action of ultraviolet rays and marine aerosol have in fact determined its rapid aging, with maintenance costs that have now largely exceeded the plant costs.

The renewal path that the municipal administration has decided to carry out provides more workstations training (from the current 14 to at least 25), the introduction of metal elements of greater resistance and duration, more slender and therefore less visually impacting. To ensure the balance with the place, the arrangement of the elements will keep intact the current views and perspective cones of free vision, carefully studied. Some tools will be oriented in such a way as to allow the execution of the exercises by observing the sea or the most interesting points of the surrounding landscape, in any case following the detailed instructions of the Superintendency.

The equipment will be firmly anchored to the ground and under it, if required by law, one will be positioned anti-trauma flooring in EPDM rubber granules (resistant to atmospheric agents) of the same color as the ground, therefore mainly green to harmonize with the lawn, sometimes with pastel-colored drawings useful for defining further fitness exercises.

To ensure the widest accessibilityergonomically advanced elements will be introduced, with handles at various heights, to allow simultaneous training for multiple users, even in wheelchairs.

Moving to the fitness area Terrazza Mascagni – The current fitness area at the Mascagni Terrace, built on a small flowerbed, is functionally too close to access to other facilities (huts, aquarium, bathing establishments) as well as the recently built children’s play area. This proximity induces small users to frequent fitness equipment even during adult training, with the risk of accidents.

Another safety problem is the presence of elements such as flagpoles, used by athletes for their exercises even though they are not designed for this activity.

The growth in use and the desire to offer a greater number of workstations, the age of the tools and the need to replace them with more modern, functional and accessible elements, together with the possibility that presents itself to free the Mascagni Terrace from structures that have a visual impact, albeit limited, on the elegant monument, prompted the municipal administration to decide to move the fitness area to a more suitable place. The children’s play area will instead remain in its current location. The lawn, which is now ruined and almost replaced by rubble, will be restored.

The new location, identified in large Bellavista, in the initial portion (city side) of the promenade, has undoubted advantages. It is equidistant from Viale Italia and the sea, in continuity with the Bellana roadway undergoing redevelopment, and therefore perfectly integrated into the existing and forthcoming coastal pedestrian and cycle path. Furthermore, the proximity to the historic city center and the Borgo will greatly expand the catchment area.
This wooded stretch at the beginning of the walk has always been considered marginal and often mistakenly read as in a state of abandonment.
The area is made up of rows of holm oaks of various ages and sizes. The equipment will be positioned between the second and third row of trees, spread over a wide strip to ensure spacing, away from the source of road noise and deep enough not to impact the landscape, while remaining sufficiently visible from the promenade for easy access. .
The possibility, thanks to the trees, to train in the shade even in the sunniest hours or sheltered from wind and rainwill constitute peculiar characteristics for this new fitness area.

Points of lighting for use even in the evening, and the range of seats will subsequently be expanded.

The bottom will be suitably leveled with round gravel to allow easy access for people in wheelchairs or with walking problems, and the anti-trauma flooring will be positioned in the appropriate points.

For the correct design and choice of equipment and materials, as also done for the Antignano area, in the course of 2021 a an investigation which involved professionals in the sector, athletic trainers, gym instructors, agonists and normal users who, with on-site meetings, shared knowledge and experience, giving advice on the products available on the market. The same experts have given indications on how to adapt the installations to the federal standards of the various disciplines, so that these equipped areas can in the future be included in the sports circuits of the sector.

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