Estée Lauder Companies Invests in Skincare Brand Haeckels
The Estée Lauder Companies has made a minority investment in microbiome-friendly skincare brand Haeckels.
The investment will allow Haeckels to expand on its newly launched skincare line and increase its production to keep up with demand, while also moving into new international markets. The brand will continue to operate independently.
“Despite our continued success, we decided it was time we had a financial base to support our sustainable vision,” Haeckels shared in a post on Instagram.
“We went looking for a partner committed to a future that is built on transparency and trust. A future that we can design from the ground up with unwavering commitment to the planet but also a partner that would understand the business of being ethical…
“Estée Lauder showed us that Haeckels can continue doing what we do best – championing sustainability, creating game changing products and fighting for greater beauty transparency – but with the financial backing and long-term mindset that only they could offer us,” the brand explained.

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