EMU sees uptick in mental health issues

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) – With the tragedy at Bridgewater College last week and two suicides at James Madison University, how are other local universities fairing on the mental scale?

The Dean of Students at Eastern Mennonite University Shannon Dycus said mental health has progressively gotten worse. This has been especially notable in the past year. Dycus said the schedules of mental health professionals on campus are filled up only a few weeks into the semester.

“We always reach a point where folks are maxed out on the number of people they can see. It usually happens about mid-way through the semester or closer to the end. So what we are noticing now is that we hit our capacity earlier in the semester,” said Dycus. Dycus also said the university has also added a telehealth option for appointments.

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