e.l.f. Cosmetics Launches Cookies n' Dreams Collection

You’re probably familiar with the concept of sweet-scented beauty products. In fact, there’s a chance you have either owned or currently possess a lip balm that smells like some sort of fruity candy or beverage. (Cherry and piña colada may come to mind.) e.l.f. Cosmetics, however, is taking the concept of dessert-inspired beauty products to new heights with its latest collection — and cookies-and-cream fanatics will be thrilled.

The e.l.f. Cosmetics Cookies n’ Dreams Collection is an ode to — you guessed it — cookies and cream, the popular, extra creamy ice-cream flavor.

You can file it under things you never knew you needed (but like, definitely need). The limited-edition collection consists of eight different cookies-and-cream-inspired beauty products — some of which smell just like the dessert. Since these products won’t be around forever, you’ll want to scoop ’em up (get it?) now while you can.

Take a closer look at all eight products below.

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