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Aldie, VA, Feb. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The beauty & personal care market is not only one of India’s fastest-growing segments but also a sector where the dynamics always keep changing based on trends driven by customers and changes in their lifestyles. Today’s consumer is more woke than ever, thanks to the plethora of information on the internet and other knowledge-sharing forums where they get access to endless recommendations and products. However, the new-age consumer preferences are becoming more specific. They want products and services tailored to their requirements and what they enjoy the most to experience.

No doubt, popular and well-established brands enjoy massive revenues because of carefully commissioned consumer-centric strategies that resonate with consumers and aspire them to use their products. Insights go a long way in helping brands understand their consumers better to extend unique offerings that strike a chord with them.

For example, a recent customer reviews study for Beauty and Personal Care products by Clootrack shows that customers love Easy-to-Use products above any other criteria. Beauty brands in the US need to be aware of this to develop their products in unique ways that are Easy-to-Use. The common consensus says that such products make it easier for consumers to get through the day without smudging and smearing.

The Future of Beauty and Cosmetics is in Being Easy-to-Use

Who knows if the cosmetic consumers are turning out to be lazy or they always preferred easy-to-use products, but the pandemic has definitely changed their demands. Modern beauty and cosmetic consumers are looking for products they can use quickly with minimal fuss or involvement on their part, especially when it comes to taking care of themselves.

Data derived from Clootrack’s Beauty and Cosmetics Customer Experience Tracker shows what has truly changed the business of beauty in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. In a study of nearly 388,000 customer reviews from eCommerce shoppers, ease of use has emerged as the most critical factor influencing buying decisions in the beauty and cosmetic sector. Believe it or not, we all know why.

We’ve all sailed through the tough times that Covid brought to our lives. It has disrupted practically every aspect of our lives, including our beauty routines. As most of us were confined to our spaces, the service industry across sectors had to experience a huge setback. But even during these times, the global beauty and cosmetics industry that comprises skincare, haircare, makeup, fragrances, and hair tools and accessories has actually seen an acceleration in many ways.

As stress took the mundane routines of millions, beauty and care lovers were compelled to figure things out on their own. This essentially meant becoming your own “hairstylist,” “dermatologist,” and “manicurist” as salons and spas closed overnight. The growth in the beauty and cosmetics space is largely driven by multiple factors that include environment-friendly products, chemical-free products, and easy-to-use products. However, genuine product reviews clearly indicate that critical factors such as price and quality of the product subside the key delight driver i.e. the ease of using the product.

Monika Blunder, Celebrity Makeup Artist & Founder of Monika Blunder Beauty, believes that “Less is more” and explains how simple and easy-to-use products can be used for subtle touch-ups to give the look of flawless skin without having to finish with a correlating eye or lip look. This is exactly depicted in the recent study on Beauty and Cosmetics products that talks about the key stimuli that trigger online purchases in the US beauty market.

Source: Clootrack, Beauty and Cosmetics Customer Experience Tracker

The data is very clear: Ease of use is the most sought-after feature in cosmetics in 2021. Clearly, women are resorting to buying easy-to-use cosmetics to cut down their trips to the salons and be safe. Such changes resulting from the COVID-19 crisis are likely to be permanent. A beauty company that understands and takes substantial actions is more likely to emerge victoriously. And guess what, now they know that the victory in the fight over beauty product superiority comes from the use of three little words: Ease of Use.

What Do Customers Mean by Ease of Use?

But there’s more to these findings, something that can help brands to enhance customer satisfaction and achieve their business objectives in the near future. The detailed report also shows what factors are now driving the customer experience in the beauty and cosmetics industries and brands have a key takeaway.

What are the factors driving the customer experience in the beauty and cosmetics industries?

Source: Clootrack, Beauty and Cosmetics Customer Experience Tracker

A whopping 97% of customer opinions in this category favor easy-to-use cosmetic products that are “simple to apply”. If we go into the specifics, a product that comes with an easy process, which glides effortlessly during the application, and that can be washed easily are the main factors for buyers of cosmetics. Well, after going through the insightful results of this market report by Clootrack, we can tell that brands that have understood this secret have proved to perform better than many other brands that do not have a consumer-first approach. This leaves us with one last question.

Is ‘Ease of Use’ the Top Customer Experience Driver Across All Beauty Categories?

Mostly yes! Except for Skin Care and Makeup, the rest of the categories, including Haircare, Hair tools and accessories, Foot, Hand & Nail Care, and Shave, all showed ‘Ease of Use’ as the top delight driver.

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