Create the Perfect Smoky Eye With a Lip Pencil

It’s hard to spend a day on TikTok without discovering a new beauty tip that will supposedly transform your daily life. And if there’s one thing that users of the Chinese social network love, it is to hijack products from their primary use. Such is the case of this latest beauty hack, which involves creating a smoky eye with a lip liner. Go figure…

Each week brings something new on TikTok. Well, almost. Last week, the platform’s users were practically all enthralled with a surprising trick: using an eyebrow pencil to get the perfect shade of lipstick. Now, beauty hacks have come full circle, with a new beauty Tok this time using a lip pencil as an eye shadow. It’s something that the over-30s may not know about — or understand — but it’s bound to speak to the younger generation in search of something new.

Beauty buffs will soon need a cheat sheet as long as their arm to decipher the many and varied uses of all the items in their beauty kits. On TikTok, products are no longer confined to the realms of their original purposes. Here, sticky tape is used to get rid of wrinkles, T-shirts are used to blow-dry hair, jade rollers are used to apply foundation, and Vaseline is used to keep you smelling good all day. Suffice to say that you have to pay close attention to stay on top of what’s trending among users of the social network.

Makeup – it’s child’s play!

Now it seems that makeup essentials are being hijacked by TikTokers. After the eyebrow pencil as a lipstick, now the lip pencil is being used as an eyeshadow. It’s a tip that comes from a professional, Australian makeup artist Sabrina Walsh, and proves once again that makeup is essentially just a question of playing with textures, materials, colors and light.

In a video viewed more than 140,000 times, the young woman demonstrates that lip liner can be used to achieve a perfect smoky eye, no matter what shade you choose. In this case, the makeup artist uses the Morphe pencil in the shade “Vibes” — a dark brown — which she applies roughly to the eyelid before blending it with a brush. The result is amazing! You’d never know that this smoky eye was not created with eye shadow. The video has proved a hit on the social network, winning the approval of thousands of users.

And while we in no way doubt the validity of this hack, a quick trip to the web page of the said Morphe pencil reveals that it was formulated especially to “to line and define your eyes and lips.” So TikTokers take note — we’re now waiting to see a genuine lip pencil hack to see if this trick really is worthwhile.

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