COVID-19 infections in South Korea reached their highest level ever reported on Sunday, with a new case count of 5,012 a day. There have been 482,314 cases of the virus so far, and 3,957 deaths associated with it. The numbers continue to rise, with more than half of the cases occurring in children and young adults. This is the highest number since the outbreak began, and it could continue to increase as vaccination rates rise.

The country continues to battle the virus and the daily death toll has increased. It has been able to manage 500 cases at a time, but if the cases continue to rise, the government will tighten its measures. The number of deaths has also been rising. In November, the country had a seven-day death toll of 12.3, but by today, the number has jumped to 20. The death toll in South Korea is expected to rise even higher.

In South Korea, the number of new coronavirus cases reached a record high in October, with more than five thousand cases reported in one day. The country’s health system is stretched thin and doctors are struggling to treat the thousands of patients affected by the virus. A survey at the Graduate School of Public Health at Seoul National University found that 57.1% of respondents agreed that South Korea’s healthcare system was equipped to handle a thousand to two thousand cases a day. Furthermore, 76.5% said that they were confident the country could move back to a normal life, once the epidemic has passed.

New coronavirus infections in South Korea exceeded 7,000 for the first time since the start of the pandemic as hours-long lines snaked around testing stations in the capital Seoul amid a worsening virus crisis

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