Club Fitness mixes latest edition of Finn and Local Action’s Mixtape Club series

The latest edition of Finn and Local Action’s Mixtape Club series has been mixed by rising London DJ Club Fitness. Listen to the mix below. 

Titled ‘Good Morning, Angels’, the first edition of Mixtape Club’s second season is fittingly described as “an hour of ice-cold, high-definition rave records fit for espionage”. 

Mixtape Club was launched in January 2021 in response to the pandemic, which left countless DJs around the world out of work and out of pocket. For the first season, six artists – Sicaria Sound, Jubilee, Annabel Fraser, Martyn Bootyspoon, Facta & K-Lone and Ariel Zetina – were paid £150 to record a dance music mix in whatever format or style they liked. DJs were also given a budget of £150 to create or commission original artwork to accompany their mixtape. 

While the mixes are free to stream or download  – “everyone’s on the guestlist” – an optional Patreon subscription of £5 per month is in place to further support the participating DJs. If more than the £300 budget is raised per month, all extra cash will be added to a pot and distributed evenly between the DJs at the end of the season.

Six more DJs are scheduled to share mixtapes between February and July this year. 

Speaking about her contribution to Mixtape Club, Club Fitness said: “For the past little while I find myself constantly drawn to the feeling of stealth. Think assassins, fast-paced action movies, Kevlar, Tom Ford era Gucci.

“My mind goes to Beatrix Kiddo (The Bride), Trinity and Charlie’s Angels (for which this mix is named after). This mix is inspired by femme action movie characters who are unquestionably confident, laser-focused, covert and unapologetic about themselves and their objectives.

“The mix hits the ground running with techy and progressive tracks to set the energy high, it then later shifts into melodic techno with flecks of trance to embody that feeling of stealth. It is dynamic and uplifting throughout.”

‘Good Morning, Angels’ can be downloaded here, and you can check out the full tracklist below. 

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