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Think of potatoes and delicacies like aloo paratha, french fries, potato chips, aloo tikki and other deep-fried stuff instantly come to your mind. No wonder, we associate potatoes with all things unhealthy. It is probably because of this reason potatoes have gained reputation of being a fattening food over the years and those aiming to lose weight and with diabetes are asked to avoid it at all costs in order to keep health issues at bay. The high carbohydrate content and glycaemic index of potatoes often overshadow its benefits. The truth is potato is not all that bad if eaten in the right way.

How potatoes could turn unhealthy is because of the way we cook it, and not because the vegetable itself is laden with calories. We are so used to eating potatoes deep fried (read french fries, aloo tikkis) or by adding butter and cream to them that at times we do not explore the possibility of cooking it in a healthier way like baking, boiling, roasting or air frying.

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How potatoes can prevent overeating

In fact, potato is actually packed with nutrients that make it an ideal weight loss food. Dietician Garima Goyal told HT Digital that potatoes are high in fibre as well as resistant starch and can keep one full for longer periods. She says that it could prevent overeating.

“When you stay satiated, you actually eat lesser calories which directly shows on the weight scale,” says Goyal.

Potatoes boost your metabolism

The nutritionist says potatoes are also found rich in Potato Protease Inhibitors- 2, which give you a feeling of satiety by the release of hormone Cholecystokinin.

“In addition, potatoes also are rich in antioxidants called polyphenols, which boost your metabolism by breaking down sugars at a higher rate,” says Goyal.

How potatoes aid in weight loss

The high potassium in potatoes helps prevent water retention and plays an important role in aiding weight loss, as per the dietician.

There have been studies that show that potatoes can even lead to your fat cell shrinking.

Goyal says no one food can help you lose or gain weight unless you are on an overall calorie restriction diet and how we consume them is the key.

Eating potatoes the right way

“Consuming deep-fried potato chips or fries obviously isn’t the ideal way, but you can always opt for techniques like air-frying, baking, boiling, and roasting for reaping maximum benefits,” says Goyal.

It’s always possible to replace your unhealthy potato snacks with healthier alternatives. You can have baked potato chips and pair them with olive oil instead of your regular processed fried or deep-fried chips.

In nutshell, you can make potato your best weight loss mate, only if you eat it the right way.

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