Bryan Health returning to normal visitation for non-COVID patients starting March 1

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – Bryan Health said its COVID-19 hospitalizations have improved significantly. The hospital system is returning to normal visitations on Tuesday, March 1 and has resumed elective surgeries that require overnight stays.

Right now, there are 40 COVID-19 patients at Bryan Health. It is the lowest since August 7, 2021, more than six months ago. Of those 40 patients, five are on ventilators.

Bryan Health implemented its visitor restriction policy, which only allowed two people per day, at the end of last August.

Bryan Health said it is relaxing the restrictions after seeing improvement with COVID-19 hospitalizations.

“I would say over the last ten days we’ve seen improvement in our hospitalization numbers. We have seen staff being able to return to work,” said Dr. John Trapp, Chief Medical Officer at Bryan Health. I look at the different nursing units and I am able to see those fully staffed at times. We’ve seen decreased COVID patients in our hospital, people getting better.”

Though Bryan Health is relaxing the visitation restriction, its policy requires all visitors to wear masks at the hospital, even after Lincoln’s mask mandate expires on February 25th.

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