Birds of a feather flock together: Chicken gather in Libyan capital for a beauty pageant

Libya’s capital Tripoli recently held an unusual but fascinating event—its first beauty pageant for chicken—that drew a host of visitors and participants from across the country.

Organisers said the event was held not only to promote chicken breeders but to also offer an opportunity for the youth to know about the craft of breeding the birds so that they don’t get involved in the ongoing conflict in the country.

Khaled Diab, the event supervisor, “We are witnessing the gathering of ornamental chicken breeders. This is a great profession that has taken youth away from negativity and wars. I hope the officials will support the youth in this field.”

Diab added the birds that took in the event were worthy of participating in international competitions as well.

Reuters reported the birds were judged on the basis of their colour, size, shape, and shine of their features.

Taher Belkassem, who visited the competition and exhibition, told Reuters that this was the first time he has seen something like this. “I had only heard of normal chickens before, this is the first time I have seen all these kinds. This is a great initiative and I thank the organisers for their efforts,” he said.

Mohannad Jaydeh, whose Brahma chicken breed won the competition with the highest percentage of 93.8, told Reuters, “This chicken is known for its large size and yellow feet. It is also known for its frown, the softness and shine of the feathers.”

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