Beauty Pie’s Dietary Supplements Make Healthier Habits Attainable

From unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions to I’ll-do-it-tomorrow procrastination, it often feels hard to fully commit to a healthier lifestyle. Beauty Pie’s new collection of dietary supplements is the perfect reminder that you deserve to feel your best by investing in your health all year round.

Beauty Pie is a buyers’ club that offers access to skincare, make-up, body care, haircare, fragrance and more at insider prices, and its high-quality dietary supplements are great for making your goals more attainable so you can develop better lasting habits. The best part? Beauty Pie offers a few different membership tiers so you can stock up on these luxe products without breaking your budget. Read on to learn more.

Give yourself a boost of Vitamin D, which plays a vital role in the absorption and use of calcium within the body, with this 90-day supply of easy-to-take softgels – for only $16.

Beauty Pie’s Efficient C™ is a delicious liquid formula which delivers a daily intake of 100mg Vitamin C to help support your immune function, metabolism, nerve health, and general well-being.

This light and refreshing berry-flavored super powder is boosted with marine collagen, an important protein which provides structure for bones, gums, teeth, tendons, blood vessels, and cartilage.

Other options include Beauty Pie’s Perfect Daily™ vegan multivitamins and BiOmega 3™ supplements. And to top it all off, you can save an extra $10 off your first order as a Beauty Pie member with the promo code THEDAILYBEAST10.

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