Around the Diabetes Online Community: December 2021

We’ve reached the end of a year like no other, and this final month of 2021 brings us a chance to once again reflect on all that’s been posted across the diabetes social media sphere. The Diabetes Online Community (DOC) has remained ever lively while continuing to weather the pandemic that is COVID-19.

Here’s what DiabetesMine has on our radar from December. If anything else stands out to you, please feel to share with us via email or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Do you get all crafty at Christmastime? Molly at “Hugging the Cactus” certainly does, and we enjoyed seeing her diabetes-themed ornaments on display this month. While you’re at it, read Molly’s “Ode to Reese’s Cups” for another awesome, down to Earth POV from her cactus-hugging adventures.

Insulin was discovered a century ago, and in December 1921, the very first human patient insulin got a dose of that newly-isolated hormone orally. That was Dr. Joseph Gilchrist — a former classmate of insulin co-discoverer Dr. Frederick Banting — who was deathly ill from diabetes at the time. This was a “secret” test before the first patient would receive the first-ever injected dose of insulin in January 1922, changing history.

In case you forgot, November was Diabetes Awareness Month. And yes, many of us in the D-Community are still experiencing a sort of diabetes-themed hangover from all of that activity. Yet, as Tom Karlya at “Diabetes Dad” writes, “It’s nice that some roll out the advocacy for diabetes causes during the month of November. But in truth, we choose to fight for the rights of those living with this disease every day we can. Insulin costs, rights, and the ability to have what everyone else has gets a full court press all year.” So true, Tom, so true.

Thom Scher

Sadly, our community said goodbye to Beyond Type 1 CEO Thom Scher, who passed away suddenly in early December. Thom didn’t live with diabetes himself, but he’d led the California nonprofit since 2019 and made a big difference for our community on many levels. Beyond that, he was just a wonderful human being and friend to all who knew him. This BT1 tribute honors his legacy and memory. Thanks for all you did, Thom, and you will remain in our hearts.

After a 3-year investigation, the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Reform released a comprehensive report in December on Pharma’s drug pricing and business practices — including insulin pricing. The Beta Cell Podcast did a recap on those findings, noting that, “In short, the report concludes what people with diabetes have known their whole lives: that Big Pharma abuses the healthcare system to increase profits at the expense of patients.” While DiabetesMine does not agree with demonizing diabetes nonprofits for accepting Pharma money, the recap and analysis is worth a read.

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) made a big decision at the end of the year, expanding Medicare coverage for all types of continuous glucose monitor (CGM) devices that have been approved by FDA. Before this, Medicare coverage has only been allowed for those particular CGMs considered “non-adjunctive,” meaning they are deemed accurate enough to dose insulin and base diabetes decisions without a confirmatory fingerstick test. That’s all but the Medtronic CGM, so Medicare has covered Dexcom, Abbott FreeStyle Libre, and the Eversense implantable technology to date. With this change taking effect in early 2022, those on Medicare will also be able to get coverage for Medtronic’s MiniMed CGM.

What the prick? You can’t pass up listening to a podcast with a title like that. D-Dad Scott Benner interviewed a college student named Sophia Livolsi about her life with diabetes and online presence, including her What the Prick blog and @what.the.prick on Instagram. Make sure to take a listen to that Juicebox Podcast episode!

The holidays and end-of-year are times many of us step back and reflect on life, and with that in mind, we enjoyed reading this post by advocate and author Riva Greenberg at her ‘Diabetes Stories’ blog about a poem she discovered that helps her keep things in perspective.

Keeping up the humor for the holidays, Brad Slaight at the DeeHeroSquad on Instagram shares his older diabetes cartoons that were once part of our regular weekly Sunday Funnies series here at DiabetesMine. He shared this one recently, with a diabetes holiday theme.

Remember, we share our favorites every month, and would love to include yours. Please send along your picks for January 2022 to us via email, or ping us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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