3 Colorado Guys Explore Wyoming And Capture The Beauty Of Laramie

You’re stressed, you’re angry, you’re upset or you think you’re just losing it…it happens to us all once in a while and one of the best way to blow off a little steam is to jump in a car an head off on an exploration trip.

Sometimes you need a change of scenery and that’s what inspired 3 guys from Colorado to check out the home of the University Of Wyoming…Laramie. The guys from Pueblo are all creators. Enjoying taking pictures and video and they took their talents and keen eye for detail and set out to explore one of 2011’s ‘Best Cities In Which To Retire’, Laramie, Wyoming.

Toward the end of January, Jarod from JROD Visuals and a couple buddies jumped into their vehicle, pointed it northbound and landed in Laramie. The creative trio were able to capture normal locations in such an artistic way and brings them all justice.

The first night they explored around a laundry mat and car wash taking pictures and video and letting their creative minds work.

Laramie laundry map


The next day they started with breakfast and then really explored the city. They captured parts of the city that wouldn’t normally be known as ‘tourist attractions’ and showed off the character of each one.

Laramie Hotel


Laramie Train


Laramie Church


Seeing a location through the eyes of someone that is just there to capture the city, explore and learn about it, is pretty cool.

The video is just over 6 minutes, but in that 6:07 you learn quite a bit about the city, their journey and how much they enjoy doing what they do.


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Beginning in 2016 the City of Casper and Art 3-2-1 have been working together to wrap traffic light control boxes all over the city. New boxes are wrapped with original artwork from Natrona County artists.

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