What is Smartphone R-Currency?

In India, the government is planning to introduce a new smart phone currency, the rcu.

The government wants to introduce the rc in the next two months.

What is rcu?

India has introduced a series of measures to curb money laundering, terrorism financing, and other criminal activities related to its burgeoning digital economy.

But the central bank has been hesitant to push hard to introduce rcu in a country where it remains a minority-owned company.

Instead, it is focusing on other measures, including digital payments and smart cards.

In an effort to bolster the economy, the central government has also been working to ease the way for businesses to borrow money.

It has issued capex notes and has increased borrowing limits for companies that are doing business in India.

The central bank plans to issue a new currency, rcu sometime in 2018.

It is not clear when that will be introduced.

The rcu will be pegged to the Indian rupee.

If it is not adopted, the currency will remain at the level of the US dollar.

This will make it easier for foreign investors to invest in Indian companies.

The rupee is currently about 85% of the Indian currency, which is about $1.60.

The currency is to be pegged at about 85 cents.

Inflation will also be reduced and the central fund will be able to lend money to businesses and consumers.