How to make your own smart phone from Lego

You might have heard of Lego Mindstorms, the Lego-based robotics company that builds robots.

But now, the company has a new toy that lets you play with the technology in real life.

According to a new Lego News article, Mindstorms has just released the Lego Mindwave, a smart phone that will work with your phone or tablet.

You’ll need a compatible Android or Apple device to use the device.

It’s the company’s first product to incorporate the technology of Lego Dimensions, a popular game for Lego players.

If you’re an existing Mindwave user, you’ll also be able to buy one for $49.99.

Mindwave comes with two different sizes, the Mini and Big, which are similar to the ones from Lego Dimensions.

You can also choose from eight different apps to control the device, which include Amazon Echo, Netflix, Google Assistant, Siri, and a speaker.

You’re able to turn the phone into a mini projector by pressing the Home button, and it has an LED backlight, a speaker, and an ambient light sensor.

Mindwaves will cost $199.99, though you’ll need to pay $49 for the basic model, which comes with 32GB of storage.

It’ll ship sometime this year. [Time]