How to unlock smart phones using Siri and Cortana

You’ve probably been using Google’s voice recognition software, or Google Now, to search for information on the internet and to get information on things you might be looking for.

Now, Apple is coming up with its own way to unlock phones using voice recognition, which is supposed to be faster and easier than Google Now.

According to The Verge, Apple’s Siri will be able to recognize any spoken word you type, and will ask for a password.

Siri will then let you enter that password and a number to unlock the phone.

This is not as simple as asking a person to type in their name or email address, however, and Apple will ask you to tap on the number to open the phone up and enter your password.

The company will also ask you if you want to set a password for the phone, but this is something that is optional and can be turned off by tapping on the lock screen or entering a password if you don’t want to give away your password, The Verge says.

If you type in a number, the Siri app will then ask you a few questions about the phone you’re typing on.

For example, the app can ask you about the battery status, the battery size, and more.

This sounds like Google Now’s biggest advantage over Siri.

For some, this may be enough to convince you to go with Apple’s voice-recognition service, but if you’re a fan of Siri and Google Now then this feature is worth the extra money.

You can see what the Siri feature is capable of here.