How to find a good smart phone without spending too much money

There are several ways to get a good smartphone, but the best is to buy from Amazon, which has a good selection of Android devices and is often cheap.

Here are five of our favorites.


Amazon Kindle Fire HDX: Buy an Amazon Kindle and get a cheap one that has a very solid build.

This is a great smartphone for those who are a little intimidated by a big screen.

The Fire HD line is great value for money.

It comes in both white and black.


HTC One X: HTC’s flagship device comes with a nice metal body and good build.

Its the best-selling Android phone of 2017.

The One X has a large, vibrant screen that has good color accuracy.


Huawei Ascend P1: The Ascend P is a high-end device that can take some beating in a fight with the Apple iPhone.

The P1 is very durable, has a great camera, and has a gorgeous design.


Samsung Galaxy S8: Samsung’s flagship smartphone is a phone that can hold its own against other phones.

It has a super-slim build that can handle heavy use.


Samsung S8+: The Galaxy S7 has a big battery and the phone has an extremely high-quality design.


Huawei P9: This device has a massive screen and a sleek design.


Motorola Moto Z2 Force: The Moto Z has a huge screen and is one of the best phones on the market.


Sony Xperia Z3: The Z3 is a powerful device that offers great specs.


Xiaomi Mi 5: This is another smartphone that can be used as a backpack or a laptop.


OnePlus 5: The OnePlus 5 has a 5.7-inch screen, an impressive camera, a fast processor, and a fast fingerprint sensor.


LG G6: The LG G 6 is a well-built phone that offers some premium features.


Samsung Note 4: Samsung released the Note 4 a couple of years ago, and it is a very good phone.


Huawei Mate 10: The Mate 10 is a strong phone that packs a super thin design and a fingerprint sensor for fast fingerprint recognition.


Huawei Honor 8: The Honor 8 is a smart phone that has an awesome screen and fast processor.


Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon: The X1 is a smartphone that is very thin and lightweight.

It also has great specs and can be a great travel companion.


Samsung Chromebook 10 Pro: The Chromebook 10 is Samsung’s most affordable laptop.

It is also a great laptop for reading.


Samsung Smart TV: This TV is a popular device for cord-cutters.

It offers great video streaming, and the included HDMI port is very fast.


Xiaomi Xiaomi Mi 4 Pro: This smartphone has a powerful processor and excellent camera.


OnePlus 6: OnePlus has a killer camera, good screen, and is a fantastic smartphone for travelers.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 5: Xiaomi’s Redmi series of smartphones has a beautiful design and great performance.


Motorola Droid Razr Maxx: The Razr is a mid-range phone that is super-cheap.


OnePlus 4: OnePlus offers a great range of smartphones, and this one is a solid one.


Motorola Xoom: This phone has a lot of features and a very nice build.


Samsung I9500 Galaxy S6: This S6 is a budget device that has decent specs.

It’s one of our favorite phones of the year.


Lenovo Yoga 5 Pro: Lenovo has made a killer phone with this phone.

It gets a lot more screen real estate than most smartphones, but it has a solid build and has an excellent camera for video calls.


Xiaomi Mate 9: The Xiaomi Mate is a premium phone that will get a lot better when the S7 and S8 release.


Motorola Razr XZ: This Razr has a fantastic camera and is an amazing value.


Xiaomi Priv: This premium smartphone is not the cheapest smartphone on the block, but its a good option for those looking for a premium Android phone.


HTC U11: HTC has made its own smartphone with a fantastic design.


LG Smart Keyboard 3 Pro: LG has made one of its own.

It delivers great typing performance and has excellent cameras.


Motorola Nexus 7: This Nexus is a low-cost Android phone with good specs and a great screen.


Xiaomi Note 4 Pro and Xiaomi Note 5 Pro (2017): The Xiaomi Note and Xiaomi Notes have been around for a while, and they are two of our top smartphones.


Huawei Phab 2 Pro: Huawei has made an amazing phone with its new phablet.


Huawei Watch 2 Pro and Huawei Watch 3 Pro (2016): These are the best Android phones for a lot less than the Apple Watch