How to use the free smart phone apps on iOS and Android to make your mobile life easier

Here’s how you can use the latest free apps on Android and iOS to make mobile life more convenient and enjoyable for yourself and your family.

The apps are easy to use and offer a variety of features, from shopping lists to music services to the likeliest ways to find the nearest supermarket.


ShopList You can add a shopping list to your device for quick and easy shopping.


AppLocker The best way to keep your online accounts safe.


Storer Storer is a powerful app that allows you to track all your online purchases, saving you money.


MyBuddy Find a buddy for free and find a new one.


MyWallet Find your credit card balance and track your spending habits.


Bookmark It will keep you informed of what is happening in your area and will show you upcoming events.


Shopping list It is a great way to create a shopping lists for all your favourite products, services and events.


Get directions Find directions and help other users with their local errands.


Free gift card The most convenient way to get freebies like stickers, games and music.


Weather app Weather is available on all smartphones, but the best app for weather in Ireland is MyWeather.

It also lets you track the weather conditions in Ireland.