Why the pocket smart phone isn’t as valuable as you think

Posted September 25, 2018 05:06:10The pocket smart device is a device that’s often considered to be the “next big thing”.

But it isn’t quite as powerful as you might think.

In fact, Pocket’s new smart phone may not even be as valuable.

Pocket’s CEO has admitted that his company’s smartphone is just a “starting point” for a new device that he hopes will be able to surpass Apple’s iPhone.

We spoke to CEO and founder of Pocket Matt Russell to find out more about the company’s new pocket smart smartphone and its potential impact on the smartphone market.

We started off by asking why he thinks the Pocket Smart phone is so important for mobile users.

He told us that he believes the Pocket smart phone is the first device to offer users a pocket-size device with full functionality and the ability to access apps and other content without having to reach for a full-sized phone.

“When we launched Pocket, we had to work with our partners to bring this to market, and we knew that if we were to succeed, we needed to have the most advanced pocket phone available, and that is exactly what we did,” Russell told us.

“The Pocket smart device provides users with the best of both worlds, with the ability for users to keep their apps and content on the go, and access content on-the-go without having a phone on hand.”

The Pocket smartphone is available in a range of sizes from 5.9 to 9.7mm and is available for $199.99.