Smartphones ‘must go’ to protect kids from deadly coronavirus

The UK government is to ban smart phones from schools and universities.

The move comes as the coronaviruses virus has been spreading, with some 200,000 people reported to have died from it so far in 2016.

“There are children in schools and hospitals and parents have to decide what kind of equipment to bring into the house and what kind to leave in the car,” the minister, Matthew Hancock, said on Tuesday.

The government said it would be “proactive” to ban any device that had a built-in camera.

“It is essential for schools and communities to ensure that children are safe and are able to access safe, effective and affordable healthcare services,” Hancock said.

He said the move was the first step in a wider plan to “rethink” how to deal with the pandemic.

“The Government is committed to helping schools, libraries and other organisations to prevent children from dying in the most difficult circumstances,” he said.

“In this way we can ensure that every child has the opportunity to receive the best healthcare possible.”

To ensure that this happens we will be working with the private sector, with local authorities and health providers.

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