What to know about the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9, including the rumored 4K screen

I’ve been waiting for the Samsung Gear VR, but Samsung is still teasing me with the Galaxy S7.

This is why I’m excited.

Samsung’s Gear VR is expected to launch on October 6th, and with it comes a new phone from the Gear VR line.

While there is a lot to go through, it looks like Samsung is finally bringing the Gear into the VR world.

It’s worth noting that Samsung is now shipping the Gear 2, which is a cheaper device than the Gear 4.

There’s a good reason for this, however, because Gear VR looks amazing.

It can’t really compare to the Gear 5, the Gear 6, and the Gear 7.

That said, there are a few key differences.

The Gear VR has a curved screen, which means it’s much smaller than the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, which both have a 5.5-inch OLED display.

Samsung is also shipping a slightly larger model, which we’re going to refer to as the Galaxy 7, which ships in October.

The Galaxy 7 ships in black and white, and it’s a slightly smaller phone than the Galaxy 6.

It ships with a 32GB storage option.

The Samsung Galaxy 7 is also one of the most affordable Android phones available, which helps the GearVR reach the mainstream.

Samsung GearVR Samsung Gear is Samsung’s flagship phone line, and its phones come in two different sizes: a standard phone, and a large one with a screen that measures up to 8 inches.

The standard size is the Galaxy 9, which comes in both the black and silver color schemes.

The smaller Galaxy 9 is also the only Galaxy phone to ship with a 5-inch display.

The larger Galaxy 9 comes in black, silver, and gold colors.

Both the black Galaxy 9 and the silver Galaxy 9 come with a 64GB storage capacity, but the Galaxy 11 is the first Samsung phone to come with 64GB of storage.

Samsung also offers a small variant of the Galaxy 10 that has a 5 inch screen.

Samsung has not yet revealed the exact model number for the Galaxy 12, but it’s expected to come in silver, gold, and white colors.

The price of Samsung Gear depends on the color of the screen, but there are two versions available: a Standard version, and an Ultra Premium version.

The Standard Samsung Gear includes the Galaxy Note 7, the Galaxy E8, the Samsung V20, and all the other Samsung Galaxy phones that ship with the Gear platform.

The Ultra Premium Samsung Gear comes with the Samsung Note 7 and all of the Samsung devices that ship on Gear platform that ship.

The Premium Samsung gear comes with a 3,000mAh battery and an extra MicroSD card slot.

Samsung offers the Gear line of phones in three different colors: black, gold and silver.

The black Gear includes a Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S10 edge, and Galaxy Note 10, which all come in three colors.

Gold Gear comes in the Galaxy M9, Galaxy M10, Galaxy E9, and Samsung V10.

Silver Gear comes as the Samsung S8 Edge, Samsung S9 Edge, and more.

The third color of Gear is the white Gear, which has a silver Galaxy Note 6, Samsung Note 9, and LG V20.

The white Gear is one of Samsung’s few “black phones.”

The white version of the Gear is currently only available in Europe.

The gold Gear is also available in the US, but only in a few cities, including New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

The silver Gear is available only in the United Kingdom and the UK, and only in London.

The premium Gear comes only in Germany, France, and Austria.

It has a larger screen and a larger battery than the white version.

Both versions come with an 8MP camera on the back, but neither has a front-facing camera.

Both are available in a range of colors, including gold, silver and white.

Samsung makes a lot of Gear phones, and they’re available in several different color options.

In the US there’s the white and black versions, which are available on the Samsung flagship phones like the Samsung M9 and the Samsung G6.

There are the white ones like the Galaxy Edge, Galaxy Edge Plus, Galaxy G6, Galaxy Note 9 Plus, and G6 Plus.

There is the black Gear, like the Note 9 and Note 10.

There isn’t a silver Gear.

There aren’t any gold or silver Gear phones.

The company doesn’t announce specific models, so I won’t be able to give you an exact price, but you can expect the cheapest Gear Gear to cost $300 to $400.

That means that you’d be spending $100 to $200 on a Gear VR.

That’s not too bad for a Gear device.

The Black Gear comes at the end of a series of three different color versions of the same phone.

They’re the