How to select the right smartphone for your job

Google is launching a new smartphone calculator to help employees determine how much money they’ll make over the course of their careers.

The calculator, which will be free to download and use for three months, uses data from three of the world’s leading financial institutions to determine the exact hourly pay for different types of jobs.

Google says it’s not offering the calculator directly, but it’s still trying to get companies to pay their workers as a way to attract more employees.

The new calculator will help people who are interested in starting a business or looking for a new career, or for people who want to make the best decisions possible for themselves and their families.

“We’ve always tried to help people understand how much they could make and what they can expect to earn in a career,” said Andrew Smith, head of product management at Google.

The Google calculator, designed to help business owners and executives make the right decision, was created by three of Google’s largest financial institutions: Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley.

The company says that by taking a look at their data, it will help the average employee make the most informed decisions about their careers, especially if they have a younger sibling or child who might be interested in pursuing a career in finance.

The calculations will be available for download in the Google Play store starting March 5.

The site is also working on adding other tools to the calculator that will let users see what they could earn, what they need to invest and the other financial tools that are available.

Google isn’t saying how many of the financial institutions will offer the calculator, but a Google spokesperson told ABC News that the calculator is part of a broader effort to get more people to use the calculator and to provide them with other financial information.

“There are millions of people using Google Now on a daily basis, and Google is trying to make that information accessible to them,” the spokesperson said.

The financial calculator will be open to people from all 50 states and all of Canada.